SITEC has a vast history of delivering superior service, dedicated support and customized solutions to our nation’s most critical missions. Our employees, customers and teammates are paramount to the success of our company as well as to the completion of every task we undertake.

Our operating philosophy is founded on the principal, that all of our customers are important, unique and valuable no matter how small or large the organization. We understand that each customer faces unique challenges when it comes to implementing business through technology. We listen to our employees, customers and teammates and work in a collaborative environment to provide effective solutions. We pride ourselves on embracing both technical and management best practices; and endeavor to set the highest standard in customer service. In fact, we have a name for it…. It’s called SI Touch.

  • We are Committed and we work in partnership and team environments to satisfy the customer needs.
  • We Care by listening and when we listen, we learn – and that’s what makes us different.

Our Values:

-We Believe, all our customers are paramount, no matter how small or large the organization.

-We Understand, that our clients face unique challenges when it comes to implementing technology, and we meet those needs by delivering customized solutions to them.

-We Analyze, the existing processes by first seeking to fully understand our customer’s mission, business needs, and challenges; we then identify ways to improve the process.

-We Recommend, and Implement, the solutions that work best for you, our clients.